Wednesday, July 25, 2007

There Is No I In Democrat

The collectivist ideas of the leaders in the Democratic Party are not a secret. Each Democrat Presidential candidate has announced plans of Big Government control of our health care. However, FEMA's response to hurricane Katrina revealed the sluggish, grinding wheels of entrenched bureaucracy. The truth of a bureaucracy is: process is more important than solution. Solution is feared because it could end the necessity of their position. Also, most bureaucrats vote for the party of collectivism either through ethos or job security. To a bureaucrat,fouling the plans of an opposing administration is an admirable task.

The constant murmur of the MSM credits the faults of a bloated government to theopposing administration as if a passing administration is synonymous with government. The MSM perpetuates this dark lie through its constant white noise murmur machine that seeks to obliterate contrary thought. Collectivist government, good; Republican administration, bad.

However, something tremendous happened when the Senate thought they could blithely pass another bureaucratic reform with the Immigration Bill. Our hierarchal government leaders were as soundly rebuked as King John at Runnymede. Rather than the simple-minded Michael Moore definition of a collectivist "We the People", the arrogant elected officials met the "We the People" of the individual. The united action of individuals shut down the Capital Hill phone system. The uniting idea was that the government was not trustworthy to do that which they promised. The power of individuals unified by an idea is unquantifiable.

Every day I hear the lament that Republicans have no leader. I discount that whine as a passing of responsibility. There is a great moment in the movie National Treasure when the character Ben Gates, frustrated because no one believes his warning of a threat to steal the Declaration of Independence, looks upon the revered document and reads the line:

…it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.

Not only do we have the right, we also have the DUTY — the responsibility — to do something to provide new guards, new representatives, for the future of national security from a fascist Caliphate and liberty at home in this war on the individual. The melting of the Capital Hill phone system is evidence that we have the power necessary for change.

Responsibility belongs solely to the individual. Each of us knows what must be done to stop this collectivist march. Their murmur has become a subversive clamor, declaring the nation broken. We know this argument only serves the purpose of entrenched bureaucrats acting in their collectivist best interest while stalwartly supported by intransigent Democrats. Their condescending arrogance is incongruous with the ideals that established this nation.

We do not need a leader to tell us this or to tell us what action needs to be taken in preparation for the next election. Pruning deadwood and rooting out bad seeds must be done before we can ever hope to plant a new course of action. The murmur machine must be humbled so that new seeds can take root in preparation for the intense change we are demanding. We must not allow our precious vote to continue the bad because the good isn't good enough. Such reasoning leads to cultural destruction and besides note it is the MSM murmur machine telling you of your dissatisfaction. The individual bears that responsibility. Our vote is required.

Because my own district was mad at the Republicans for playing the earmark game, Chet Edwards (D-TX District 17) is now earmarking himself into a lifetime seat in Congress, even though the man is the antithesis of our cultural values. Chet Edwards is the epitome of the absent father, buying off his children rather than representing the values that respect his constituents.
Every state has districts struggling to replace an entrenched Congressman. They are like Chet Edwards, bringing home the bacon, but are not the kind of man you’d be proud to call Daddy or follow as a leader. Lift your comrades up as they engage in the fight. Don’t let our front line falter when the negative accusations reach those shrill high notes. Press forward, keeping your eye on the prize - the establishment of a foundation for change. Just as we must crush the fascist Caliphate into the pit of hell from which it came, we must use the power of united individuals to crush collectivism and stun the murmur machine used against us. As individuals united by an idea we have the power to make a change. Just raise your hand in commitment in the fight for individual freedom. The Federalist Party ceased to be because of their arrogant condescending attitude toward the citizenry they tried to control with Federal power. The ideas of the Federalist were despised by the people. The Democratic Party was established on the ash heap of slavery and their collectivist ideas are real time slavery. They must be defeated because of their ideas. Remember there is no “I” in Democrat.


Jim Baxter said...

The Old World method of measuring human value was, and still is, by the group. Whether tribe, clan,
city-state, color, ethnic, or gender, the Old World, ancient and modern, measures by the plural
unit. Individuals had and have no value of themselves but only as they were and are part of a

When Y'shua Jesus died on the cross, the veil of the Temple at the Holy of Holies parted from the
top down. The individual believer in the congregation had, for the first time, a face-to-face, one-
on-one relation with his Creator. The Creator, Himself, had validated each individual for the first time. Thus, the Individual became the cornerstone for later human value measuring systems: socio-political, philosophical, religious, educa-
tional, economic, etc., henceforth and forever.

Western Civilization, America, English Law, civil Rights, the 'democratic' process, etc., all sprang from that single event. (Greco-Roman 'democracies' were 95% slave throughout their entire histories.)

Biblical principles are still today the foundation under Western Civilization and the American way of life.

Many social systems attempt to borrow ideas of "democracy" without the basic premise in The Individual. Such a system is only superficially and temporarily 'democratic.' The cornerstone of the democratic process is The Individual and the cornerstone of the value of The Individual is
Y'shua Jesus! It is not possible to have one without the other. There is only One Source - there is no other.

It is additionally interesting to note that all value measuring systems are based on the single
definitive unit of the system. Ex: Number, Time, Distance, Weight, Heat, Money, Angle, Volume, etc.

Only humanism makes the abusive error of measuring human value by the plural unit and attempts to
build social structures, relations, and institutions thereon. Such man- made systems can only be abusive and oppressive because in reality there are only individual persons. Groups or collectives are merely convenient verbalizations about individuals. They are not Reality.

I have yet to see a 'group.' All I have ever seen are individuals. Have you ever seen a group - or is
it a verbal convenience? Reality is only in the individual person. And, such a validation never derived from a human source without the initiative of the Creator. (The French Rationalists of the 18th Century favored the fruit - but rejected the branch, tree, and root.)

Today, wherever Y'shua Jesus is rejected, the group or collective is still the basic way of
measuring human value - or human non-value.

We thank the Lord God for revealing His validation of each individual person. We thank Him for creating each person uniquely, in His image, and calling each one to a courageous ascension by Y'shua
Jesus, who said, "I AM the Way..."

Praise the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His Son of Man, Y'shua Jesus.

Reference: Exodus 25:30,40 Hebrews 9 Matthew 27:51 Mark 15:38 Luke 23:45 KJV

vincit veritas
Jim Baxter

Solomon2 said...

Killing Hamilton also helped defeat the Federalists, I suppose. Yet it is they whom we have to thank for a working constitution, rather than a dysfunctional Articles of Confederation. The Federalists can't be held responsible, two hundred years later, for the fact that for seventy years the Supreme Court has twisted their words a bit.

Nancy Coppock said...

I am not sure if the private argument that led to the honor dual between Hamilton and Burr had any connection to the death of the Federalist Party. What did happen was that the elected and appointed officials of the Federalist Party began to view the people they governed as lesser beings. Their arrogance grated on the people they were elected to serve.

Please read this previous post for more -

Solomon2 said...

What did happen was that the elected and appointed officials of the Federalist Party began to view the people they governed as lesser beings.

Not quite. Alexander Hamilton always did view the people that way, which is weird because he married into the New York land-based aristocracy, rather than being born into it. The Republic was still quite new then, and question of whether America should have a nobility or not, the proper forms of address of presidents and Congressmen, and other matters were still fresh in people's minds.

The true test of the Federalists - more precisely, their ideological heirs - was the election of Andrew Jackson, principally via the support of the frontier. John Quincy Adams accepted his defeat and did not try to overthrow the results, thus accepting democracy's defeat of the nearest thing the U.S. had in the nineteenth century to a ruling national aristocracy.

Nancy Coppock said...

An interesting read that is applicable today is Joyce Appleby's "Capitalism and a New Social Order: The Republican Vision of the 1790's". Federalism and an idea of course continues to this day, however, there was a 2nd revolution through voting in the 1790's as to the direction the nation should take.
Today we are also at a cusp as to the future direction of the country. The collectivist vision or the triumph of the individual. That the collectivists are using the power of the federal government can not be defended by the Constitution. I'm sure Jackson would agree with that. A powerful federal government is limited to do only those things permitted by the Constitution.