Monday, March 10, 2008

It's the Congress, stupid

Let the mole do her work, while we rally to elect a Congress

We all remember November 1994, when then Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich initiated a unifying manifesto to give Americans a reason to rally the vote: The Contract With America. Considering this 2008 election we are forgetting one major aspect - the first 100 Days that heralded in the 1992 Clinton Co-Presidency. The martyred Barbara Olsen, in her book Hell To Pay reminds us that “(w)ith advisors like (Ira) Magaziner and (Vicente) Navarro, Hillary was determined to sweep aside the best medical delivery system in the world” with a plan of government control of a private business sector in order to “reshape 14 percent of America’s economy by enacting a national health care plan.”

What we must remind ourselves of is that every day, there was a new Munch silent scream as people actually read the fine print of “The Plan” and warned America of the danger that lurked in the heart of Hillary Clinton. We must remind ourselves of the little things, such as Hillary's vocal attacks on the pharmaceutical industry while her hedge fund not-yet-in-a-blind-trust was busy selling pharmaceutical stock short. Such was the beginning of the newfound Clinton wealth.

Such panic and fear was created in the first two years of the Clinton Presidency that private businesses actually made political commercials to alert the voting public of the threat not only to industry but also to the very personal well-being of the individual. I remember seeing a Vegas casino representative in an extremely nice suit and very sharp tie as a guest on This Week With David Brinkley stating in no uncertain terms that the people employed by whatever casino he represented had the best health care program available and were not in need of Mrs. Clinton's help. It seemed Michael Corleone took care of his own, and Mrs. Clinton should get her butt in the kitchen baking some canollies.

Motivated did not even begin to describe the roaring ocean of the Vox Populi, Vox Dei for the 1994 election. For those first two years the American public was held hostage by a maniacal power grabbing family backed up by Democratic Party control of both Houses of Congress. Recall the fawning of the Congressmen as they lined up to praise the “little woman” who so over-shown with brilliance that forevermore the President should be referred to as “Hillary Clinton's husband.” The 1993 torching of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas made it perfectly clear that the Peace and Love Generation was running the nation, and nothing's scarier than a totalitarian regime with a tank. I saw a local newsguy proudly showing off his “Branch Davidian/Texas Bar-B-Que” novelty t-shirt to the rest of the crew back at the station; purchased no doubt from some of the more entrepreneurial revelers at the gas and burn event.

The sleeping giant was wide awake; fully cognizant that freedom and liberty were under assault. What Newt Gingrich did was solidify that national horror into a Republican Party we could vote for. The results of the 1994 election displayed an enormous backlash against the person Hillary Rodham Clinton. The political casualties included Speaker of the House, Tom Foley, George Mitchell, and Dan Rostenkowski.

It was then that a caller to the Rush Limbaugh show made a prescient observation: former Goldwater Girl Hillary Clinton could not be more destructive to the Democratic Party if she were a Republican mole destroying it from within. The wisdom of Solomon tells us a contentious woman will tear down her house with her own hands.

The present Democratic Party is the source of this nemesis against freedom. Let the mole do her work, while we rally to elect a Congress to stand in the gap between Liberty and tyranny. A Congress aware of the threat of terrorism will support Israel. A Congress firm in their understanding of our Constitution will keep McCain on the ranch.

It's the Congress, stupid.


Jewish Odysseus said...

Nancy, you show a rare strategic acumen. Indeed, The Great Newt taught us that the legislative branch is the focus of liberal evil in the modern world, even tho his comrades were temperamentally unprepared from 1995-2007 to use their majority to drain the liberal toxins from the statute books.

We all know that McCain is at best uninspiring, at worst a self-absorbed and pathetic dupe. But if we can rouse ourselves to throw out the Pelosi Congress, then even a HRC/BHO Presidency cannot damage us too badly.

Repubs are doing well here in FL, and there in TX (gawd, Tom Delay was a great guy!!), but I'm afraid in the rest of the nation that same old defeatist Repub attitude still holds its baleful power...I know I DO NOT LIKE BEING A LOSER. I LIKE TO WIN.


I know YOU like to win, too, Nancy!

What is the matter w/our comrades, that losing seems to be so acceptable to them? Didn't they ever hear of Vince Lombardi?

To crib a line from "Lost"--
"Win the Congress--SAVE THE COUNTRY!!"

Biloxi said...

We have an even longer road here in Illinois, Land of Obama and Durbin but I'm willing to try.

Darn you can write! Excellent piece

DiscerningTexan said...

Great job, Nancy. I am linking it!

Jewish Odysseus said...

Nancy, has Barry-O melted down or what the past two weeks? Didn't I tell ya he was a Dukakis-like patsy once we get out of the Dhim primaries? BUT WE GOTTA SAVE HIM FROM DEFEAT--Rush has been too clever by 1/2!

Pamela, Atlas Shrugs said...

da money.

This November the real contest is the House .... the 28(?) retiring Rep seats .........

Hell in a hand basket I tell ya