Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rantings of the Heart

One good way to explore the nuances of the Leftist agenda is to listen to their rants. It is there they speak from the depths of their heart.

It must be understood that these dark recesses were formed in their early college years when absolute fear of something larger than themselves led them to burn bras, draft-cards, the flag, and what ever else could be ignited with a Molotov cocktail. Taught by their rich parents that they were the future hope of America, these children took it completely to heart, devoutly believing America was ready for a complete overhaul. Why else would their parents have placed so much emphasis on America’s need for their ideas? So, they, like their Russian nihilist compatriots, shared the belief that in order for new hope, everything must be destroyed. As Laugh-In’s Arte Johnson documented, it was all “veery interesting, but stupid.”

How better to explain Al Gore’s 2000 campaign rant, “Everything that should be up is down, and everything that’s down should be up”? Those that who did not participate in The Revolution, who went on about their lives, growing up, getting a job, marrying, and having families, are having trouble following the fluid dogmatism that passes as political debate. Looking through the eyeglass in reverse is hard work for people that are accustomed to taking people at their word and believing that deep down everyone is a good person. A good person just doesn’t want to contemplate the horrors that lie in the depths of the human heart, unless they have personally experienced the trauma of the results of those deeds. Just as the latest convert to 2nd Amendment Rights is a liberal that was mugged the night before, there are many of us that have experienced the gulag treatment when we innocently ran into the intolerance of Political Correctness.

I wonder if the Duke lacrosse players accused of rape are comforted that D.A. Mike Nifong founded his sense of ethics by becoming a conscientious objector of the Viet Nam war? Such are the ethics founded on self-preservation rather than transcendent laws of God. Why should normal America be surprised at the lengths Nifong would go in order to preserve his elected position? Or for that matter, any self-serving politician, journalist, or government worker? What else should we expect from a revolutionary generation steeped in the childish virtues of selfishness and lack of personal responsibility?

The success of The Revolution means that the barbarians who burned their bras, spit on veterans, trolled through trailer parks in their astro-turfed el Camino and ultimately drove their car off a bridge while in a drunken stupor causing the drowning death of a girlfriend are now the leaders. Down with the Establishment— the Revolution made such behavior moral. Or as Dostoevsky mused, “All things are legal in the absence of God.”

When we view things thusly, Al Gore’s rant about everything being backwards is completely logical. When you gaze in a mirror darkly, silliness and depravity begins to make sense. Not every person is a good person when you have the courage to examine the results of his deeds. But only a culture accepting of profound truths can realize bad ends for what they are and how they were formed. A revolutionary culture will brook no evidence of an overwhelming truth if it comes to revealing the fallen nature of man because the facts begin to cut to the quick.

They have railed against the norm so long that it comes naturally to oppose anything coming from normal Americans, regardless of how insane it makes them sound. Consider Senator Clinton’s nails on the blackboard screech:
“I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic!
And we should stand up and say we are Americans, and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration!”

The entire rant can be explained as the continued assault on The Establishment, the unjust Constitution of the United States of America, and anything that smacks of Western Civilization and its morality. Therefore, it is dangerous to take these words at face value. In the looking-backwards uber-reality, patriotism is what normal Americans would call national self-loathing.

It is to normal America’s chagrin that the War on Terror is causing a national mass flashback. The original revolutionaries operate today’s hysteria, aided by: a) sleepers in areas of government intelligence, b) those that missed out on the Big Event the first time around, and then fleshed out with c) the deluded masses of the “useful idiots”. Just as Patty Hearst was turned into “Tania” by her SLA “tutors”, everyday Americans become the revolution’s Stockholm victims through nightly newsreaders presenting misinformation as fact.

As exhibited by the Cindy Sheehan crowd, the chants are the same but the rants are ratcheted up with the steroid pumping of the MSM. Thinking otherwise has become almost impossible, as if your brain is overwhelmed by the bass bumping ‘ride’ sitting next to you at a signal light. If normal Americans aren’t in the minority, you sure couldn’t tell it by the loudness of what passes for debate. Dissembling has become the method of answering a direct question. “It all depends on what the definition of is, is.” You can almost hear as the group joint passes around: “Like, man… it’s that whole east/west thing, man.”

A good nihilist motto of today would be: Something into nothing, and nothing into something. This explains why the Sandy Berger affair is a B-story and the Scooter Libby non-story is the main deal. Both stories are misinterpreted by our thumpin’ MSM until the true facts are destroyed into a nihilistic pabulum. All this serves in keeping the “useful idiots” both idiots and useful. They never think to question the shifting political machinations of their handlers, such as in the various stances the Left has postulated on Iraq. Today’s sound bites’ escalating volume effectively drowns out yesterday’s news.

Another effective tool of the sleeper nihilists is when endless cable news coverage ends up talking about what people said about what the newsmaker said, rather than in what the original source actually said. Pretty soon, the actual quotes are changed in the people’s minds as in those that now believe President Bush actually said we must go into Iraq because of weapons of mass destruction.

But all the above is just sideshow hucksterism to keep everyone guessing under which shell the marble hides. Rational political debate is impossible if one side operates entirely on emotionalism. These bad children acting out in public hold Normal America hostage. Compound that by fear of what others will think if we were to give them the spanking they so desperately deserve. Which in some way explains why the Capital Hill Police were ordered to stand down and not interfere as anti-war protesters spray painted anarchists graffiti on the Capital steps after being stoked up by revolutionary re-treads like Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon. When will we truly grow tired of cleaning up their messes?

Adult Americans are caught flat-footed every time by the bizarre meanderings of reasoning when they attempt to engage in civil discourse. Name-calling enters the debate and the tangent begins discussing how George W. Bush really does have beliefs in common with Hitler and the debate of ideas devolves into the intended chaos. But the method to the madness is to discredit anyone daring to question revolutionary rule. If normal America is akin to Hitler, then everything thing the Left proposes is good and beneficial to the continuity of the nation rather than all that establishment stuff that has stood the test of time.

These 60’s radicals never grew up by having to face the results of their deeds, never met a value that they couldn’t subvert and undermine, or lived under the restrictions they so glibly force on everyone else. They stuck their tongues out at their fathers, at their ministers and priests, and at everything that made this nation different among all the nations of the world. For them, the real prize is the total redefining of normal American ideals. Real America had better realize that these revolutionaries are serious and playing for keeps. Just listen carefully to the rantings of their heart and all is completely clear.

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