Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reconquistadors vs. The Rule of Law

TX Congressional Dist. 17 Election 2006 Post 5
Van Taylor vs. Chet Edwards

170 years ago, men inside The Alamo drew a line in the sand solidifying their resolve in resisting a despot and his desire to re-negotiate land grants previously signed and sealed in the Mexican court of law. It was this blatant disregard of the rule of law that united Mexican citizens, both brown and white, to declare their independence and create a new man, a man of myth and legend, The Texan.

The rule of law is the greatest ideal in preserving the rights of man by encouraging peace, stability, and the continuity of civilization. The rule of law defends all men equally and apart from war, is the only thing that stands between common men and despotism.

The willingness to defend the rule of law is what established the Republic of Texas and what makes the state of Texas the wealth creator it is today. Only those that covet the property of others are desirous of overthrowing the rule of law. We must resist those that would make promises that will never be honored to those ignorant to the benefits they enjoy because of that rule of law.

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