Monday, August 28, 2006

The Truth Should Hit Everybody

Although heralded as a hawk on the War on Terror, the Jackalope has searched the web extensively for Chet Edwards' (D) quotes to substantiate this claim. When fellow congressman Jack Murtha (D-PA) was attacking our troops, Chet Edwards made this ambiguious statement:
It sends a message that the American people are increasingly unsure about the operations of the Iraq war and that it is no longer a debate over whether one is a hawk or a dove, but should we be or should we not be in Iraq. People would make a mistake if they attack (Murtha) personally.

Hardly a resounding defense of our troops and overlooks the obvious message Murtha's comments sent to our enemies — the guys shooting at our military. Chet always seems ready for a quick partisan dig. Here he neither defended the troops nor condemned Murtha. The truth should hit's time Chet was smacked.

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