Thursday, August 24, 2006

Who needs a hindrance when it comes to oil?

TX Congressional Dist. 17 Election 2006 Post 6
Van Taylor vs. Chet Edwards

Van Taylor's Great-Grandfather was a visionary who helped found a company that not only provides gasoline at the best market price possible, but created jobs for hundreds of thousands of men and women. Today, EXXON MOBIL stock is owned by teachers and other state employees through Teacher Retirement Funds because it is a dependable growth investment. If Mr. Edwards cared about the price of oil, he would have voted for drilling for oil in ANWAR when he voted for drilling for natural gas in the Gulf and on the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. When Mr. Edwards finally votes to override the 25 year old ban on drilling off-shore... well, he's been there for 16 of those 25 years and how long have regular Americans known that America was too dependent on Middle East Oil? Van Taylor's family participates in creating a product that keeps America moving forward while Chet's been a hindrance for 16 years.

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