Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mewling, Puking Infants of the Left

James Lewis of The American Thinker says it best when it comes to putting the Left in charge of the War on Terror. Can we really stand by here in District 17 and help appoint Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House by electing Chet Edwards? Van Taylor will support our President. It used to be that our elected officials sought to make every vote toward the better good. Chet will only continue to devolve every issue the President puts forth because that's what he's done with the Republican leadership in the house.


Dr Kool said...

Chet Edwards talks a good game, but what kind of people actually vote for him?--the entitlement crowd!

Pork Barrel Politics is no stranger to our family. I have two brothers who are Democrats.

When liberals fear they are about to lose their place at the trough, they become desperate--angry!

About five weeks ago Chet Edwards put out gillions of yard signs.

Just yesterday, Van Taylor began sign distribution and I was one of the first.

I quickly got the attention of the opposition. My little placard in a sea of Chet Edwards signs was too much of a threat. Someone pulled up one of my signs and then jammed a hole through it. That sort of thing is to be expected from desperate people who don't know where to direct their anger. Oink! Oink!

scroff said...

Do me a favor... explain "Islamofacism" to me. Or is it just a cool word that you idiots use, the meaning of which you have no clue?

I'm glad your comments are moderated... that way I know you're reading this.