Friday, September 15, 2006

Things My Daddy Told Me

In light of the previous post, the jackalope is moved to relate some words of wisdom from her Daddy. We were all sitting out on the covered patio one Sunday afternoon and Daddy opened up and told us this parable.

As the jackalope has revealed in her profile, she has a very "special" sister. As Dad related the story, Sister was in the backyard playing with the dogs. She had a hulahoop and a whistle and when she blew the whistle, the dogs would take turns jumping through the hoop. It was really an amazing thing to watch.

Well, coming into the Edenic scene was a gang of young toughs who hearing the whistle were drawn to the sound and while standing on the fence supports began their taunts and catcalling. This of course made Sister start screeching and we all know young toughs derive great pleasure in tormenting the "special".

Around the corner comes Daddy to see what the hullabaloo was all about. Seeing the young toughs, he begins by recommmending the boys get off the fence because they might hurt themselves. No response. Dad immediately rachets up the dialogue in his scary Daddy voice, "Get off the fence y'little sonsofbitches or I'm goin' to whupyourass!!"

Immediately, the boys decided they heard their Mama callin' them and disappeared.

After telling us this story, Daddy then sat there for a moment before delivering the meat of the parable:
"Sometimes you just can't talk Vacation Bible School with people." (!)

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