Thursday, September 07, 2006

Veterans: Don't Let "The Man" Get You Down!!

Just a passing note: Has anyone ever heard Chet Edwards ever say anything positive and uplifting about our troops? I'm searching, but I haven't seen a thing.

I heard him on WTAW talk radio yesterday, and he had every opportunity to praise the troops and it didn't happen. He just likes to scare them with the standard manipulation of baseline budgeting Democrats have been using for years. A cut in the rate of growth is still growth. Going from 11% growth for veterans affairs to a 9% growth years from now, is still growth. And besides, the VA operates on a year by year budget. They ask, they get. No one wants to give our Vets a short straw. Be comforted and fear not! As the daughter of a disabled Vet, I just want to punch men like Chet Edwards in the eye for attacking your peace of mind. Don't be fooled by an evil worker.

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