Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Another Thought About Last Night's Forum

There was something niggling in the jackalope's brain about the manner in which last night's forum was conducted. Her conclusion: prohibiting confrontation in a political forum makes it as mind-numbingly dull as a weekly inter-office meeting. Not only a complete joke but actually dangerous to democracy. Only someone with something to hide would want this.

To conduct a Political Forum with the silly politically correct rules of decorum, where no one says a thing about their opponent is akin to secret police enforcing peace and tranquility in a totalitarian state! Politics is a blood sport and those that can't handle the fight because they haven't the interest to sort out who is telling the truth should NOT vote. Enforced tranquility so that no one's sensiblities are disturbed is an affront to democracy!

The jackalope has observed that quiet and mannerly doesn't always mean there is learning going on in a classroom and it certainly doesn't mean issues are being explored in a debate. This loathing of true debate is dangerous to our political freedom and is nothing more than politeness enrobed in a civil ascetism that allows elitists to decide for the masses who and what can be said or even thought. Civil Asceticim is a philosophy that leads straight to oppression. The jackalope prefers the raucous rowdiness of democratic freedom to the meek, mild platitudes of a politician lying to her face without her having the freedom to call a snake, a snake. Or even more bluntly - the jackalope is a tough little gal - don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining.


scroff said...

So you'd like to be able to insult people rather than debate the points?

Great. You're an idiot!

Nancy Coppock said...

I definitely do not want to insult people. I do however want to preserve freedom of speech, even your own "raucous rowdiness". The jackalope reserves the right to call a liar, a liar and then present her facts that back up her assertion.