Sunday, October 29, 2006

Welcome American Thinker Readers

The jackalope is humbled by your many positive comments for her post on The American Thinker. Just three months ago I started The Jackalope's Voice to support Van Taylor (R) in the Texas District 17 Congressional race against the eight-term incumbent Chet Edwards (D). District 17 is President Bush's personal district and it is considered a real slap in the President's face that Chet Edwards (D) was the only Democrat to survive the DeLay redistricting map.

If any of you dear readers happens to be a national syndicated radio host, it would fill the jackalope's heart to overflowing joy to have this race get national attention. Van Taylor is a Marine and was the leader of the reconnaisance team that rescued Jessica Lynch. He is humble and strong in his convictions. In short, Van Taylor is the kind of man we need to strengthen our Republican majority in Congress. The jackalope believes that a stronger majority is what is needed in Washington. She understands that even though the Democrats are in the minority, their drive-by media friends make them sound like a larger voice.

Chet Edwards (D) is everything the Democrat Party stands for. He uses "bi-partisan" in every sentence, which in demo-speak means Republicans must relent and desist. For a quick overview please check these posts: Play Until You Pay , Trick Rider, Who Needs a Hindrance When It Comes To Oil?, Chet's Tax Irons are in the Fire - Beware, Who's Your Daddy?, It's Not the Money, A Good Shepherd is Not a Demagogue, and finally Why Chet Edwards Should Not Be Reelected.

Also interesting are these posts on a political forum - not a debate - held between Van and Chet: What We Learned and Another Thought About Last Night's Forum. The jackalope was very disturbed by the way the forum was conducted. Many of you may have experienced this new tone forum and have niggling thoughts about them.

Once again, I want to thank new readers of The Jackalope's Voice.


Nancy Coppock

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