Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dead Party Walking

The latest John Kerry silver foot-in-mouth exhibits precisely the arrogance that links today’s Democrats to the Federalist Party of the 1790’s. The Federalists were satisfied with the status quo and were without a vision about how to navigate the new nation further along the path of liberty and freedom. They were caught unaware of the emergence of a new man, the egalitarian. Their own talents, initiative, and relationship to God rather than to man created these new men. They were successful because of liberty and freedom rather than being descendents of a family of privilege or connections to those in power. Sensing the power of these new entrepreneurial men, Thomas Jefferson gathered various grassroots groups into a classical republican campaign that pushed forward the experiment of a government by the people and for the people into new territories of liberty, freedom and equality. By the turn of the century, America had shed itself of the Federalist Party.

The Federalists had unintentionally fallen into the well-worn shoes of their English overlords, believing in the strength of their power simply because they were in power rather than because of the strength of their ideas. And such is the case of today’s Democrat Party: a party with absolutely no new ideas to further the greatness of this nation. They are a party believing that the only problem that faces the nation is their own lack of power. Lack of power is hardly a resounding vote-garnering issue since the only people that want them back in power are their cronies in business, politics and the media. It should be crystal clear to all that John Kerry’s sense of elitism is not an anomaly in the Democratic Party. He speaks as the Democrat’s last Presidential candidate and current voice of the party. It should be noted that this is the way virtually all Democrats view the huddled masses they govern. Just as Kerry’s elitism is viewed distastefully, it was this same sense of elitism, and assumption of political posterity that finished off America’s first political party. Kerry’s complete repudiation of any apology to our troops should be viewed as a ticking time bomb set to go off this election cycle bringing complete destruction of today’s Democrat Party. American liberty and egalitarianism refuses to bow under arrogance. Not Kerry’s snotty remarks about our troops to Bill Clinton wagging his nasty finger in our face. Unwarranted arrogance is not an American virtue.

But elitism alone is not significant enough to warrant political death. It is the complete absence of ideas of vision that is their ultimate foe. Every idea proposed is a re-tread of the same-old same-old. Listen to Texas Congressional District 17 incumbent Chet Edwards (D) and you hear the litany of Democrat blindness. The shtick is that Edwards is some sort of “maverick” conservative in the Democrat Party, but nothing could be further from the truth. He proposes raising taxes on the “rich” – anyone making over $30K – while providing “tax relief” to the “middle class” – those who pay no taxes at all, but would now also receive a check from the munificent government via Chet Edwards. He scares veterans with base-line budgeting carney-ism, threatening their peace of mind because “he cares more” than evil republicans. He scares seniors about the idea of social security reform that wouldn’t affect them but would be of great benefit to their grandchildren. And then Chet has the onions to sign on to AARP’s plan to raise taxes on social security to make their piddlin’ checks even smaller. He wants to tax e-commerce, repeal the Bush tax cuts, tax to bring down the deficit, tax to keep schools in the sorry state they’re in, tax to pay for partial-birth abortions, and yak, yak, yak. It’s just a big “Eminent Front” – a put on – without a new thought in the entire refrain. And all across the nation there is district after district offering one of these also-ran retread incumbents as the “vision” of the American future. It’s just LBJ and the Great Society taxing us into prosperity all over again.

It reminds me of the joke that floated around in those heady days of Democrat opulence and regality via The Great Society.
Moses told the people to pack up their shovels, load up their camels, and saddle up their asses because they were headed for the Promised Land.

LBJ told the people to throw down their shovels, light up their Camels and sit on their asses, because this was the Promised Land.

And such has been the last 40 years of Democrat control. The same group of people speaking down to the same subservient people who bow in fealty while hoping for a scrap of government largesse because the tax man has effectively removed any discretionary cash from the family wallet. Even though it has been shown that tax cuts bring in more government funds to cover not only the current budget but also bring down the deficit, the tax, tax, tax, spend, spend, spend Democrat plan is repeated ad nauseum. Their vision is simply to control every aspect of our lives while rewriting the “broken” Constitution to deny us our own rights and liberties yet extending those rights to every citizen of the world. “We shall willingly oppress ourselves because we are free to do so” is the standard they will impose on us because of their elitist sensibilities and backwards vision.

Those that would say that the Republicans in Congress deserve to lose are only breathing new life in this walking dead monstrosity of political elitism. Instead, let us hasten Democrat political demise by sticking with our own team as riddled with human nature as humans are prone to be. And as far as a new political vision try this one:

Imagine a future with no Democrats serving even locally as dogcatcher. Where a triumphant Republican Party eventually splits into Republicans and Libertarians. Where the order of the day is watching Washington powers begin “The Game” as to which political party can butt out of our lives the fastest. Now, there’s a political vision!

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