Thursday, November 02, 2006

Where's Chet?

Chet Edwards (D) of Texas Congressional District 17 and incumbent seeking yet another term in office because it's a job and he's used to it, has yet to make any comment condemning John Kerry's (D-MA) elistist remarks concerning our military. The jackalope has made it clear that Chet Edwards (D) has hoodwinked our precious veterans into believing he actually cares about them. The truth is, Chet uses our veterans like a civil rights pimp to secure power and ensure his next election. Chet was there defending John Kerry (D) presidential candidate when the veterans that actually served with Kerry came out with the swift boat ads. Chet treated those veterans like they were partisan hacks presenting lies and distortions. In the last election, Chet participated in Wesley Clark's forum on how to get Democrats elected. They weren't going to get "swift boated" like John Kerry and actually have to address a difference of perception as to their necessity to serve the country! Chet gave a lesson on how to conduct a bare knuckles political brawl and bragged about not letting the opponent define him. Like the tenured government employee that he is, Chet was fighting back hard to preserve his own thick slab of bacon, while deceiving our veterans that it was their bacon he was saving.

When it comes to preserving respect for our military, Chet's as missing in action as Amber Alert flower-child Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Chet's just an also-ran congressional incumbent member of a political party that repeatedly makes it clear that they loathe the military. So, the jackalope cries out for veterans to stop fearing that Chet won't sign their pension or health care checks anymore, because he never did in the first place. The jackalope's America reveres and respects those that served in our military. Veteran's Affairs operates on a year by year budget, but if they have a shortfall, they know all they have to do is ask. But in conscience to the taxpayers the request must not be made to cover lax spending responsiblity. We do still live in a system of checks and balances.

The jackalope urges veterans to not vote simply because of fear. This is the United States of America for crying out loud! But if the jackalope's dear readers know of a veteran convinced he will lose his pension or health care without Chet Edwards, I urge loving wives, sons, daughters, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren to not trouble their precious veteran to change his mind. Just simply vote for a man, Van Taylor that will be a great voice added to a political party that respects everything these men and women have done for us and will never have them cowering in a corner in fear for their check.

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