Friday, November 03, 2006

Democrats Support the Military Again...NOT!

The jackalope checked Drudge Report this morning and news was enough to send a lesser mere jackrabbit running for the burrow in fear. But, the jacklope will not run in the face of danger.

Iran has exhibited the capablity to blast Israel off the face of the map.
"Iranian state radio said: "The maneuver is aimed at providing security in the region without the intervention of trans-regional powers, which are trying to justify their presence by portraying the region as convulsive."

The jackalope understands completely that her American idea of security in a region is a far different picture than security under an ayatolla. She's not anxious to be forced to wear a burka and it ain't just because her beautiful antlers would make the outfit fit funny! And so, she fears for the safety of her jackalope brothers and sisters through out the Middle East. Jacklopes are creatures that enjoy their liberty
and freedom.

So, in light of all that, she reads that some DEMOCRAT Congressman from New Jersey fears that troops overseas should have their votes considered for VOTER FRAUD, which in Dem-speak is translated - the votes were misinterpreted as Republican when they should have been and soon will be DEMOCRAT or the votes will be tossed out as illegitimate.

Like, hmmmm are we sensing that the Democratic Party has a certain animous for our men and women serving our country?

The jackalope growls in her low husky voice, "Don't be thinking Chet Edwards (D-TX Congressional District 17) is any different from his kinfolk up in Washington. He just sounds like us, but he sure as hell ain't one of us!"

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