Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Revolution #1: The Fork

In the 1790’s, this nation approached a fork in the road. The single party, the Federalists, had assumed the same hierarchy of power as the English government they'd just rebelled against. In a mere 25 years, the nation was running adrift in its journey toward the concept of government intent upon expanding the limits of individual freedom and liberty.
The Federalists were supremely in charge, but devoid of groundbreaking ideas that set apart the nation in a manner befitting the boldness of the Declaration of Independence.

Thomas Jefferson was the man with ideas to push once again the limits on personal freedom and liberty. Understanding the becalmed political scene, Jefferson set about coalescing a republican counter to the Federalist Party.
In classical republican thought, it is the requirement of citizens to do what they believe to be the best actions for the long road, to rise above their selfish human nature and do the higher, nobler action for the betterment of the community as a whole. The republican value of civic virtue requires that citizens be responsible for conducting their life and their business in a manner that does not harm the fragile and precious commodity of civil society.

Citizens of a republic are also required to speak up if they believe they have a better idea for government than those in elected office.

Jefferson coalesced this second party from disparate groups that believed in a set of ideas rather than in a certain group of people. Farmers, small business entrepreneurs, and evangelicals united under these ideas and a second party was born. By the turn of the century the Federalist Party ceased to exist, and our nation returned to its original course.

Today, the nation approaches a new fork. The Democratic Party has no new ideas in regards to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Their one idea is socialism and strong government control; views diametrically opposed to the bedrock foundation of the nation. Like the Federalists, today’s Democrats speak down to the people in a highborn, condescending manner, with ridicule and legislative silencing tactics for their critics because like their predecessors, they are incapable of accepting criticism.

The opportunity presented at this current fork:
do we continue down the failed path toward complete socialism and government control or do we seek to unite diverse groups under a set of ideas and again push forward the limits of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness?

Despite our falling down in the last election, one good thing occurred: the RNC realizes that it must respect the people’s support of a challenger to an incumbent Republican in name only (R.I.N.O.). In the next election the RNC must recognize that challenges to long-time Republican incumbents are in the highest form of republican ideals.

Let the RNC be aware: Any incumbent not able to rise above poll-driven democratic opinion is fair game. The ultimate goal being that the 110th Congress be the last defiled by any incumbents insensitive to the fleeting opening of the radical fork in the road toward rugged individualism.

Our goal is simple:
that in our own pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness the earth be turned upside-down and freedom flourish in intolerant lands.

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