Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well Worth Our Support

Too often, we complain when someone does something wrong while saying nothing if something is done right. It goes against our human nature to edify one another. The state of Texas has much to be proud of when it comes to debate in the Senate and House on the illegal immigration issue.

Both Texas Senators, Kay Baily Hutchison and John Cornyn are standing strong against the effort to pass this bill without debate. Serious issues are in need of debate and Congress has a bad habit of rushing headlong into legislation without proper consideration of the rule of unintended consequences. Pressure in Washington to get a "done deal" is a tough thing to resist.

District 17 cannot boast of its contribution to this debate. However:
  • Jeb Hensarling (R-TX 5),
  • Randy Neugebauer (R-TX 19),
  • John Culberson (R-TX 7),
  • Mike Conaway (R-TX 11),
  • Kenny Marchant (R-TX 24),
  • Joe Barton (R-TX 6),
  • Michael Burgess (R-TX 26),
  • Nick Lampson (R-TX 22),
  • Michael McCaul (R-TX 10),
  • Ted Poe (R-TX 2),
  • Lamar Smith (R-TX 21),
  • John Carter R-TX 31),
  • Pete Sessions (R-TX 32) and
  • Sam Johnson (R-TX 3)

all deserve a word of thanks and appreciation.

This list also clearly reveals the delineation between Democrats and Republicans on this issue.

Note: The jackalope visited the website of every Texas Representative to get this information. If a Representative is not listed, and is strong on border security and anti-illegal immigration, I was unable to find information supporting it.

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