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Chet Edwards - Wade Rathke: WHY IT MATTERS

To understand the purpose of campaign funding for a congressman of Texas District 17 by trade and labor unions (see my previous post), we must have a basic understanding of the radical philosophy and political strategy of Wade Rathke. After all, we all are aware of that great voter block of the United Auto Worker's Union here in Texas 17. [wink] Why does the great majority of Edwards' campaign funding come from trade and labor unions not represented in our district? What are these unions getting in return from our representative in Washington, D.C.? Open gives eye opening information as to how Big Labor is by far the largest donating PAC to every committee memerbership in Congress this election cycle.

Wade Rathke and the Cloward/Piven Strategy

In 1966, Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, both sociologists at Columbia University, penned a strategy to destroy the capitalist system. They believed that as long as welfare kept the American poor satisfied, the poor would never rise up in revolution against the nation. Therefore, it was necessary to create a method to flood the system with demands until the entire American financial structure collapsed. An overloaded and overtaxed capitalist system would not be able to bear the weight of ever increasing demands.

It is important to note that none of these demands are for the benefit of the people for whom these radicals proport to care for and support. The purpose is solely for overwhelming the bureaucratic system with financial demands. It is therefore incumbent upon us to rid ourselves of the notion that their objective is to be a solution to social problems, no matter how beneficial and beneficent these ideas may seem at first glance. The purpose is simply to break the American treasury to further the cause of revolution.

Through ACORN, Rathke has almost achieved his radical goal through the current Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage and credit crisis. No member of the Democratic Party has gone on record criticizing Congress for this crisis, because either through corrupt willingness or by being an useful idiot dupe, this manufactured crisis was created for this very purpose.

Such a large scale attack is easier to discern than seemingly innocuous demands such as a request by the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees Union for respirators signed by Chet Edwards. Note the "crisis" of pandemic flu justifying the need for respirators for every State, County, and Municipal Employee, followed by the ever escalating requirements of instruction, fitting, and following OSHA guidelines. These are the hallmarks of the Cloward/Piven Strategy.

Another example is this education idea from brother radicals and friends of Obama, Mike Klosky and Bill Ayers, where students are encouraged to demand their "right" to an education in every way except actually disciplining themselves to learn. This idea has been adopted by the NEA, who also support the campaign of Chet Edwards. In both cases, ever escalating demands are placed upon the treasury with no indication of their need, practicality, or even evidence that such money spent would solve the problem. The very purpose is to always demand more without solving the problem and in most cases, to actually exacerbate the problem.

Remember the purpose is not to help the supposed recipients, but to foment unrest and revolution. Note in the passage below of quotes by William Ayers, that parents and family members are missing from the solution needed to properly guide our "neglected" children in the rites of passage. The more confusion in a child's education under the banner of "help", the better; especially if your goal is civil unrest, not well-educated children.
"Today's youth face special problems and also have special promise," said Ayers, UIC distinguished professor of education and co-editor of "City Kids/City Teachers" (The New Press). "Adolescence is a period of life that is in many ways neglected, but it is when kids need caring, thoughtful adults in their lives more profoundly than ever." Ayers added that he hopes the forums will eventually become "a site for scholars and youth workers to gather to share approaches in the interest of serving kids better."

When the AFL-CIO hires Rathke to teach his method of organizing skills to expand their union membership, they are supporting ever increasing demands and intimidation as the means to their end. According to Project Vote Smart, Chet Edwards supported the AFL-CIO through his votes in Congress 95%. Rathke's creation, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) gives Edwards an 84%. Edwards supports the interests of The United Auto Worker's Union 100%.

View the video at Edwards campaign supporter, the Laborer's Union, to see why Unions are out to buy Edwards' vote out from under the residents of Texas 17. Remember the hidden purpose is to increase demands on employers and the American treasury until the entire capitalist system defaults. The American treasury is not currently responsible for the union's pension plan, but the promise can be read between the lines. Repeatedly the video states: those not supporting Obama do so because of racism.

If unions are able to purchase the election of Chet Edwards, their reward will be the end of secret ballots for employees as to whether to form a union (H.R. 800 Roll Call 118) and the fleecing of the American treasury to fund the pensions of every union member. Unfortunately for these union members, nothing is being done through benevolence for them as individuals, but rather the callous manipulation of their fears to foment unrest and revolution while making increasing demands upon all taxpayers until the entire experiment of free market economics falls never to rise again.

Texas District 17 can not afford to re-elect Chet Edwards.


Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

Fine work on this my friend, The proportions off the threat are staggering and your focus on the local shows how deep it really runs. This is important and urgent beyond words!

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Excellent... This should be required reading for all.

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