Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Thoughts Inspired By Texas A&M Students

Dear Students,

Today, the jackalope ventured out into the world to attend a Meet the Candidates Forum on the Texas A&M campus. Normally, the jackalope is pretty reclusive, as she reveals in her blog header, but the opportunity was too enticing. What a great time she had visiting with both the candidates and the students. (Especially the students!) When the jackalope was a teacher, she aspired to instruct her students according to the tuning of their hearts. It was with such joy that she savored every conversation. So, thank you to each one who took the time to visit with her!

The jackalope was not surprised that her Representative gave her the back of the head treatment when she, after listening to a conversation about global warming between Mr. Edwards and a great Cadet, piped up her assertion that the sun controlled the earth's climate more than anything man was doing. That's the method of the Left, dismiss anyone that disagrees with them. No debate. No conversation. Chet just moved on to other young students to continue the indoctrination of the superiority of their ideas without allowing for the give and take of debate.

The jackalope is Mr. Edwards constituent, yet my opinion bears no significance with him. This is called tyranny, dear students. In a representational government, it is incumbent upon an elected official to listen to the voice of his constituent. That's the whole idea of a republic. The best ideas rise to the top. Some might say, that the Law of Global Warming has risen to the top, however, that does not mean that the ideas of solutions are Law. The jackalope questions the tyranny that attacks the very economic engine that keeps America free. The jackalope supports the House Republican Energy Plan that includes everything.

America needs oil and the jobs it will create right here, right now. American needs to begin moving in new directions in search of alternative energy. But for right here, right now, oil is the fuel of freedom. A growing economy means freedom in every aspect AND more revenue in the Treasury. More jobs means more tax payers. No one advocates destroying the environment; that would be self-elimination, which is stupid. This was the intent of the jackalope sharing her face to face encounter with The Beast of Liberalism in public education. How can a community survive if we allow twisted policies that receive Federal funding making it financially savvy to keep students in remedial classes or emotionally disturbed? Such policies are akin to allowing toxic dumping in our water supply. Complete Social Darwinism.

Freedom of movement. Freedom to choose from a myriad of products. Freedom to produce a product or service that fulfills a need for which others will exchange cash in order to better seek their own happiness. Freedom to create a better mousetrap and benefit financially from that endeavor. And ultimately, the freedom to share that wealth through charitable giving according to the values of the individual. This is the foundation of America. The only "change" America needs is to recognize these truths and defend them with all our being.

The tax system is currently viewed as a national collection plate - a code to bring about equality and justice. "From each according to his ability; to each according to his need." Karl Marx. Freedom produces economic opportunity for everyone through jobs and services. Government can spread money around, but it produces no product to keep the economic machine running. Freedom is the compassionate choice for people of every level.

Government bureaucracy is the most formidable force of evil created by man. Devoid of compassion. Dark and crushing. Constantly making mistakes that destroy the lives of individuals without conscience or shame. Separation of Church and State, y'know. The jackalope has discerned that particular non sequitur to be a cover for men to pass laws devoid conscience for pure political gain, while patting themselves on the back for replacing good with evil and evil for good. A man erased of moral convictions is unfit to serve the people; for his every action poisons the very groundwater of a community.

Imagine your health care coming from the machine of government. The most important event in your life in desperate need of compassion, delivered by the unblinking face of bureaucracy. Such an idea can never work because of the set nature of man. Only when a man receives that which makes him happy in exchange can he deliver a superior service to another. Altruism works better in liberty than under tyrannical control. Remember those in the Soviet gulags joked that they were more free than their guards because only prisoners could ridicule government leaders, laws and ideas. A guard caught laughing at the joke would quickly find himself on the other side of the fence. Altruism thrives in freedom and liberty and is stifled by control. Control leads not only to corruption, deceit, and condescension but it ultimately stifles the creative spirit endowed in Man by his Creator. It is in that light that the jackalope proclaims that "Free health care" is the most expensive commodity being peddled by the carney shysters of Big Government.

The jackalope is a radical for freedom and liberty. However, to be free, requires men to rise up out of the primordial slime of Darwinism, and accept the boundaries of morality and consequences. Freedom is as hard as moving out from your parents house and becoming an autonomous individual with the ability to provide your own basics needs: food, clothing, and shelter. Freedom is not free. Freedom must be defended at every point in life or we are quickly sucked back into the abyss of human nature. Those that try to rise up out of the abyss are pulled back down like crabs trying to escape a bucket. Don't live in the tyranny and chaos of the bucket; escape young people, rise up, fly, be free. Vote Republican.

With great love,
the jackalope

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