Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Good Question From A Student

After Reverend Peterson's presentation, a student asked the jackalope a great question: Will the election of Barak Obama affect me personally? I told her, "Yes, it will affect my life." When she asked me, "How?", I told her that because I am an artist, my customers - those far more wealthier than me - would not hire me because they won't have as much money to spend. I would not have work.

This is the nature of economics. Cynics laugh at the notion of trickle down economics, but they are only being a cynic, or as the Bible refers to them, scoffers. The Bible condemns the scoffer because he upholds the unrighteous while undermining the righteous and because a scoffer keeps the foolish unrepentant in his foolishness. Why is it so easy to ridicule the wealthy? "Let them get by with last year's yacht!", the scoffer responds to the idea of the rich having less money. Well, that's all well and good unless you are a yacht builder or a provider of materials and supplies to the yacht builder. Or even a minimum wage employee cleaner at any of the shops and factories connected to the yacht business.

This doesn't take into consideration all the myriad of other services like restaurants, truckers, dry cleaners, house cleaners, beauty salons, nail salons, sport events, theaters, on and on the death of an industry trickles down through the economy. The money that flowed freely has been cut off, because someone thought hurting the rich was a good idea. Not only did they hurt the ordinary man, they did it with purpose because an angry underclass are easy to control. The happy are content and can not be lead astray, but an angry mob is something to be used for political power.

Legal work of any type is worthy of esteem, no matter how menial or how extraordinarily well paid. This is a nation founded by the very principle that the "pursuit of happiness", which is the pursuit of property, is the key to freedom. It is control of our human nature, either through a personal relationship with God, or by government law that ensures civil society. The jackalope believes less law promotes civil society better than more. Everyone producing a service or product is held accountable for the quality of their work by their consumer. As a decorative painter, I must please my customer. My customer must treat me appropriately or I will refuse to work for them. No law required unless either party fails to meet the terms of their portion of the contract. This is the privilege of freedom. Only in a totalitarian dictatorship would I have the "right" to work...the problem is the jackalope wouldn't be an artist, I would have a "right" to work at the battery acid reclaimation plant. (the jackalope has already met the human bonfire of liberalism - read her story here)

The jackalope would ask her young readers to consider that their vote will always affect the lives of others. A vote in a republic must never be made for purely selfish motives - it's going to be good for me! That is why the jackalope believes firmly in the phrase: The government that governs best, governs least. The larger the government, the more people suffer because a bureaucracy shows no compassion - no remorse - only individuals are capable of these attributes.

The jackalope desires to work according to the talents given to her by her Creator. While I do not have the "right" to jobs that use that talent, she would ask young voters to consider that the power of their vote has immense impact on the private lives of others. Power should always be used cautiously because it affects civil society as a whole.


HeavyGabe said...

well put. even the middle class quits spending and perhaps even saving. none of this bodes well for a country that has very little to offer the world as far as exports. Small buisness owners will really feel the pain functioning on a reduced staff and lower revenues. This reaches to all parts of our society, not just the rich. Some people have to see it to believe it.

Nancy Coppock said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, HeavyGabe. The jackalope wants to continue her work in talking with young people. She thanks you so much for visiting her site and hopes you return and invite others. Particularly those that are searching for truth. The jackalope has that in abundance and is willing to share. "Wisdom calls out in the streets, "Come here all you who desire to learn..."