Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Thing My Daddy Told Me

My Dad was a man of few words. He volunteered to serve in Korea where he was wounded by mortar fire, which cost him his left eye. He led two other soldiers back to safety after they were all separated from their troop, even though wounded in the face. He was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. My Dad would never talk of this. He was a very humble man. A man that loved his country.

Back in the early '70's the local Mobil gas station was handing out flag decals that said, "Love it or Leave." He put one in the window of his '67 Mustang and there it flew proudly until some barbarian spit a big hock of tobacco juice on it. I remember my Dad scraping the flag off his window, an act I came to understand as a show of his reverence for our flag. He would never place the flag he loved in a position for desecration. Our family loves to fly our flag. My Mom, who lives next door, never misses a day to fly the flag. She makes sure there is a flag flying on Dad's grave.

Another thing my Dad told me was, "Never trust a Democrat in war." As we watch the events unfold in Congress, I am reminded of how right he was . When asked by WTAW radio host Scott Delucia to explain his vote for the non-binding resolution, Rep. Chet Edwards (D, TX 17) basically said that those constituents angry with him could go pound sand. Chet said that our anger over his vote was what was great about a democracy. Forget representation, Chet's a party-owned man. He did say that he probably wouldn't vote to de-fund the troops. However, the jackalope did not hear a firm answer, since Chet was hedging in the bushes like the yellow dog he is.

All District 17 constituents must come to the realization that Chet cares nothing for the military he says he serves. Instead, he uses our veterans like a welfare pimp, scaring the bejeebers out of them every two years with threats that they won't receive health care or be able to cash their V.A. checks if they don't vote for Ol' Chet. Our veterans deserve better. Daddy was right. Never trust a Democrat in War!