Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Nancy Pelosi [a.k.a. Marie Antoinette] Book Tour

Rather than stay in Washington to work on legislation to solve the nation's energy crisis, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is promoting her new book - "Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters".

Pelosi provides hints of her leadership style only in one instance: her 2005 confrontation with Bush over his proposal to create private retirement accounts in place of the Social Security system.

America's daughters must understand that this woman stopped a wonderful plan to allow America's young men and women to place part of the Social Security taken from their paychecks by the government into a PRIVATE account of their own choosing. The President's plan would have guaranteed that upon reaching retirement age, at least that personal account would actually contain money, rather than an I.O.U. that's in the government's account.

But, solving a foreboding financial meltdown was not the purpose of this paragon of Democratic Party strategery. Assuming power, for the sake of power is Nancy Pelosi's political strategy with the financial security of America's daughters and sons.

But she and her allies chose another strategy.

"First, you must take down the ratings of your opposition," Pelosi writes. "Second, you must differentiate yourselves from them.

"And third, only when the time is right do you present your platform."

Pelosi assumed power in 1996 with the Democratic Party spin of "Culture of Corruption". Any plan to make America more prosperous and secure for the future has been bottled up in the 110th Congress, while spending/bailout legislation has skyrocketed. Pelosi needs to meet the power of America's daughters and sons voting to repudiate Pelosi and her brand of political scheming.

The republican revolution of France [falsely] accused Marie Antoinette of telling the starving peasants crying for bread, "Let Them Eat Cake". Marie unfortunately met her end upon the guillotine. Multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi, offered no counter plan to President Bush's superb idea, thereby allowing the government to continue to "rob" young people of their hard earned money in the name of Social [In]Security. She's got hers, but she denied you a portion of your own.

The 109th and 110th Congress has stood in the way of sound investments in the future of America and the people. Chet Edwards (D-17 TX) has been a voting asset to Nancy Pelosi.

This is a call to arms of all America's young people - Know Your Power - elect a conservative to Congress.

In Texas District 17 - elect Rob Curnock a real conservative.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain Does It Right On MSM Obama Love

YouTube - Obama Love

Way to go John! This is so brilliant in so many ways.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Real Time News and Its Enemies

We are entering the next step of personalized news. Rather than waiting for your congressman to be chosen for an interview by Fox News or the New York Times, you can interview your own congressman in "real time." Watch this video from John Culberson (R-TX), who uses an internet-connected video camera and a Blackberry to "broadcast" his side of a news interview. Imagine the possibilities, and the accountability!

What are the ramifications of this new technology? The first major benefit is that we no longer have to wait until the MSM decides to interview our congressman. Real time technology allows us to interview him or her directly. We can watch our representatives and senators explain their votes, make speeches, or even observe a chat in the hallway as it happens. The second benefit is that we can disseminate this information to friends via the internet. This activity is the essence of classical republicanism which is based on individual equality and self-interest bound by morality. Ideas and events otherwise hidden in the netherworld of uncovered MSM news are brought into the light and into the hands of everyday citizens.

Real time can become your personal news source. Micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter, where short text messages are used to spread information about what is happening right now. Twitter is used by the firefighters in California to relay information and by the people being evacuated to tell family and loved ones where they are and where they are going. The Red Cross uses Twitter and so do Congressmen from the floor of the House. Sign up for Twitter and search, monitor, and communicate with anyone you choose, on your computer or cell phone. You don't have to be a geek or have a bunch of spare time--Twitter is quicker and easier than email.

In Congress, only leaders are allowed to use this technology. All other members are currently not allowed under the archaic House franking rules. For example, because email has the word "mail", it must be reviewed by the Franking Commission before it is sent. However, there are two congressmen, Representatives Culberson and Tim Ryan (D-OH), who are skirting the gray area by using Twitter, Facebook and Qik Video to talk directly with those members of the public that have signed up to do so. Culberson and Ryan send messages about what's happening on the House floor in real time, bypassing the MSM and, so far, leadership approval. This is the essence of the internet--free flowing information in real time. And as with Tivo, if you don't catch it live, watch the recording.

But not all is flowing smoothly. Full congressional use of this technology is being challenged in the Democratic-controlled House. At issue are concerns regarding decorum. The House doesn't want racy content or political advertisements adjacent to official congressional communications. Oddly, these same rules do not apply to print, radio or television. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA), Chairman of the
Commission, wrote this letter to Rep. Robert Brady (D-PA), Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, recommending no actual changes in the rules. This sparked a flurry of activity on Twitter last week, with even the left-leaning Sunlight Foundation joining the fracus with the Let Our Congress Tweet campaign. YouTube has also responded by offering to provide a separate platform for Congressional use without advertising. Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) fully supports the use of this technology, and issued this letter (pdf) to Speaker Pelosi saying:

"I believe Members of Congress should have the ability to choose whichever service they believe will best assist in communicating with their constituents, and not be limited to only services "approved" by the House Administration Committee or any other government entity. We must encourage, not restrict, the free and open flow of uncensored information between the American people and their elected leaders over the Internet."

Speaker Pelosi replied with this letter, castigating the Republicans for supposed false allegations:

Unfortunately, inaccurate rumors have been circulated asserting that the suggested standards allowing for web video outside of the domain would affect Member blogging or use of sites such as Twitter. Dissemination of this false information does a disservice to the vital dialogue on using technology to increase citizen involvement, education, and transparency in the House.

The above link from "inaccurate rumors" goes to a blog post in which the Capuano letter is sanitized by someone telling us what Capuano "meant" to say. Culberson writes in at comment #5 stating that he spoke directly with Capuano to confirm that oversight over all congressional electronic communication is the ultimate goal. According to Congress Daily, "
He [Capuano]said that he is not seeking to regulate anything other than video — not blogs, chat rooms or any other written communication – “but [at] some point we may have to.” [emphasis added]

Culberson has since written this letter (pdf) to Speaker Pelosi in which he chronicles the fact that the rules placed upon internet communications are not, and rightfully so, applied to print,radio, or television. He believes Congressmen were elected by the people because of their good judgment and that Congress should place no burden restricting that judgment.

Real time is where it's at. Every rugged individualist should have the power to find their own personal news and then spread it among friends. Such ability is the true design of an engaged electorate in a free democratic republic. It is both the voice of democracy and the sublime nature of a republic when the leaders and the electorate can speak in an open dialog unedited into sound bites. The republic is then protected by a transparency that quickly reveals actions done for selfish motives for amassing control and power. Imagine a future in which congressmen who refuse to use this technology of transparency being viewed not only as Luddites but as suspect. Congress should act soon to allow its use.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Defending the American Dream Summit

The Jackalope and Michelle Malkin
I met many new friends at the Defending the American Dream Summit this weekend in Austin. I'll write more about this conference in upcoming posts, but here's me with one of my new friends, Michelle Malkin. (!)

Jackalope on American Thinker!

Dear Readers,

The Jackalope is currently at the RightOnline/Americans for Prosperity Defending The American Dream Summit in Austin, Texas.

I am pleased to announce that today I have an article, "Real Time News and Its Enemies" posted at American Thinker. I will post the article tomorrow here at, but I encourage you to visit American Thinker today and leave a comment.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Turning Civilization's Virtues Into Liabilities - The Democratic Party War Machine

Over the weekend Senator John McCain met up with the real Democratic Party War Machine (DPWM)—an alternate reality where virtues are turned into the blackest liabilities. Where molesting an intern is a virtue worthy of stalwart Democrats burning every grass crown of righteousness they’ve ever earned, but anything considered true, honorable, pure and of good report is considered a diabolical plot. The spin machine of the DPWM has accelerated to ramming speed. All party members are chained to their oars. Their target now is the one undeniable virtue of John McCain—his war-hero status as a Vietnam POW.

John McCain went through a brutality beyond even the scope of Abu Gharib or Club Gitmo. No quiet times sitting in the recliner listening as a guard read another chapter in the latest Harry Potter series for McCain. No fraternity prank of a sexually charged dominatrix leash or panties on the head for McCain. America is well aware of the atrocities he experienced in the Hanoi Hilton. Only Jack Bauer is able to apply the same rules of torture our enemies apply to their captives; where electricity is more than just a source of power to run a light or radio and bones are meant to be broken to aid in breaking the spirit. McCain only thinks he has experienced the worse a human heart can devise, but he and America are sitting targets for the depths of depravity the Democratic Party will use to sink their opposition.

This depravity graffitis over every virtuous ideal, making the once clear image unintelligible. Like a middle-school student’s book cover, the process begins by filling in all the enclosed spaces of print. As an “o” becomes a black hole, McCain’s Air Force service makes him guilty of not watching out for children in school crosswalks by his indiscriminate bombings. He is Robert Duvall smoking the trees and faceless innocents with napalm because Charlie don’t surf. Genuine torture victim John McCain doesn’t even deserve the idealistic virtue of never cracking under pressure, as Hollywood characters James Bond or Jack Bauer are able to do. So now it is McCain who is guilty of crimes against the United States or is as suspect as the Manchurian Candidate.

For innocent lambs puzzled by evil or obliviously unaware they are sure prey to those intent upon dark work, who think I am an alarmist, I cite the activities of my own Representative and Nancy Pelosi’s choice for Obama’s Vice-President, Chet Edwards (D-TX 17). Also of note is how the DPWM inner circle is revealed as Edwards gives his seminar on “How To Win In The Red States” at a Wesley Clark sponsored event. It is “et tu, Wesley” delivering the past weekend's dagger-stab to Caesar McCain. In the seminar, Edwards lays down the DPWM ground rules:
Let me just say that I am one that believes in the basics. I think that it's the basics that make the difference between a successful company or corporation or a failing one, an effective military organization or an ineffective one, or a winning campaign or not, sometimes.

It's the basics. And there are three basic rules, or 3 basic goals we had in our campaign that were sacrosanct.

1. I would define myself. I wouldn't let others do it, or my opponent do it. We defined ourselves.
2. Secondly, I defined my opponents.
3. And thirdly, we responded immediately if attacked.

Edwards further defines Basic Rule 2:
Let me get to the final, key thing that allowed us to win. Rule #2, I was going to define my opponent. … Take your opponent's greatest strength and turn it into their worst negative. (Emphasis added)

In practicing this rule, Edwards found a “victim” of his Republican opponent’s state-level cut in the CHIP children’s health insurance program, portraying Arlene Wolgemuth’s lower-taxes virtue as the darkest vice:
I'm Jamie Jones. I'm 28 years old. I live in Teague, Texas. I have a little girl that's 3, Bailey.
Two years ago in March, my husband was killed in a house fire. And she got put on CHIPs. That meant no matter what happened, she was going to be okay. And then about 6 months ago, we were denied.
I haven't changed. I didn't get a raise at work. She was just denied.
You know there are so many people out there that work so hard. I don't want welfare; I just want good insurance for my child.
I'm working hard. I could go quit my job tomorrow and she'd be set. But I'm not going to do that. There are a lot of people out there that aren't going to do that and why that group of us has to get hurt, I don't know.
Look at my little girl, look into her eyes and tell her why she's not good enough to be taken care of.

CHET EDWARDS: “I'm Chet Edwards and I approve this message because there's so much at stake.”

By playing the “Republicans are always out to starve children” ad, Edwards not only defined his opponent, he left a dark crater where that virtue of cutting government spending once stood. When the DPWM sends out a lightning bolt of destruction, nothing remains but charred rock—as if the Almighty Himself had hovered over the mountain of redemption. But, such is the practice of darkness that it always seeks to mimic the power of God.

Therefore, it is incumbent that we defend the marble pedestal upon which ALL military heroes stand. As I write here in a coffee shop, I pause to visit with a cool prosthetic-sporting Army vet from the Afghan terrorist front. When we refuse to allow the white marble of all war veterans to be graffitied into oblivion, we are defending this hero’s honor as much as John McCain’s. The DPWM is out to destroy any virtue, honor, truth, value, or reputation that gets in the way of their acquisition of power. The history of all things undeniable is destined to the ash heap of fallen civilizations unless we make the conscious decision to fight hard to keep these truths undeniable … and I’m not being an alarmist!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Who Is Chet Edwards?

Last Tuesday, June 24, Texans of District 17 learned that victorious Queen Bee Nancy Pelosi vaulted one of her inner-circle drones into the national eye as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate for Barak Obama. Who is Chester (Chet) Edwards and what does he bring to the Democratic Party Presidential ticket?

Chet Edwards, a 20-year member of Congress, assumed control of newly drawn Texas District 17 during the Tom Delay sponsored redistricting. He was the only Democrat able to maintain his seat in Congress in the 1992 Congressional election.

TX 17 is much more than President G.W. Bush’s district. It is home of:
  • Texas A&M, a behemoth of bureaucrats, researchers and an airport beholden to tax funding,

  • Fort Hood, another leviathan, a 340 square mile installation (217,337 acres) and the only post in the United States capable of stationing and training two Armored Divisions. This makes Fort Hood a tax funded construction contractor’s dream,

  • Baylor University and Medical School, another higher education facility with its hand ready to be shook in allegiance,

  • a collective of the Southernism known as “Yellow Dog Democrats”—ranchers, cotton and corn farmers, country folk, and retired military.

In Congress, Edwards is “one of the few House Members on both the Budget and Appropriations Committees and one of two House Democrats serving on three subcommittees.”
In response to Speaker Pelosi’s announcement, Edwards released this political biography:
Edwards is the Chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Military Construction and Veterans Affairs. In his first year as Chairman of the House Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee in 2007, Congressman Edwards authored a historic increase of $11.8 billion in veterans’ health care and benefits, the largest increase in veterans funding in the 77-year history of the Veterans Administration (VA). Today, the Appropriations Committee unanimously passed the fiscal year 2009 bill, which increases VA spending by $2.9 billion above the President’s request and $4.6 billion more than the historic fiscal year 2008 level.

But what kind of man is Chet Edwards and what does he bring to the Obama ticket?

After winning the newly drawn District 17 in 1992, Edwards gave an informative political seminar: Winning in the Red States. If Obama practices the Alinsky method of political jujitsu, he’s a piker compared to Edwards. In the seminar, Edwards regales how he politically destroyed his Republican challenger, Arlene Wohlmeguth, by finding a pitiable victim of Wohlmeguth’s state level cuts in the CHIP. program. Edwards played the “Republicans starve children” ad and burned his opposition to the ground. Where Obama wins his races through political duplicity, Edwards is a hard-core Texas politician in the LBJ mold and he knows how to scare his constituents for votes.

Veterans are, in the words of Bonfire of the Vanities race pimp Rev. Bacon, “Steam Control” and Edwards knows how to keep the steam stoked and ready for his political machinations. In 2004, Edwards successfully stoked his Veteran steam to near explosion by playing a carney shell game with a willing and gullible press to get the headline he wanted in order to scare his own vote base: Lawmakers Work To Fill $1 Billion Gap In Funding For VA Lawmakers. The game involved bringing up a shortage in funding for veterans in a budget committee rather than in the appropriation committee of which Edwards is a member.
“I was accused of making partisan attacks. Now some of those people have apologized to me and are saying I was right and they were wrong,” Edwards said.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a member of the House Budget Committee, said Edwards’ efforts in that committee wouldn’t have made a difference because the panel votes on a budget blueprint, not appropriations.

Edwards is a prime mover in the insidious Democratic Party activity of insinuating that our government is not giving enough money, care, or help to group “X” in order to emotionally cripple their own voter base. This disgusting practice allows the perpetrator to self-anoint himself as the benefactor to his victim voter. Nothing is more debilitating to the mental health of a veteran than to start a whisper campaign that they are in fact being used and tossed away. What veterans must recognize in order to not fall under the spell of such duplicity is that the Democratic Party cares nothing for a military man until he in fact is blessed enough to actually become a veteran. Note in the above mentioned bio/press release that Edwards only lists massive spending increases for veterans and nothing for active duty troops.

Edwards first vote in this current Congress was the party line vote that refused to fund the surge in Iraq. Ditto the F.I.S.A. bill that has remained in limbo underneath Speaker Pelosi’s desk blotter until last Tuesday when Edwards gushingly reported to his constituents in his weekly radio interview that in a massive move of “bi-partisanship”—a constant buzzword in Chetspeak—Congress finally came together to pass the FISA bill. In the alternative world of those in the know, that means Congressional Democrats finally dug the bill out of the dark hole they had hidden it for almost 4 months and actually put the bill up for a vote.

This is a brief introduction to the man Nancy Pelosi has selected for Obama’s Vice-President and the method of power he would bring to the ticket. This would be a powerful Democratic ticket and Republicans would be wise to attend a Fight Club seminar before challenging an Obama/Edwards merger because as Fight Club says, “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?” Chet Edwards knows how to fight and is not afraid of the dark alley.