Friday, July 04, 2008

Turning Civilization's Virtues Into Liabilities - The Democratic Party War Machine

Over the weekend Senator John McCain met up with the real Democratic Party War Machine (DPWM)—an alternate reality where virtues are turned into the blackest liabilities. Where molesting an intern is a virtue worthy of stalwart Democrats burning every grass crown of righteousness they’ve ever earned, but anything considered true, honorable, pure and of good report is considered a diabolical plot. The spin machine of the DPWM has accelerated to ramming speed. All party members are chained to their oars. Their target now is the one undeniable virtue of John McCain—his war-hero status as a Vietnam POW.

John McCain went through a brutality beyond even the scope of Abu Gharib or Club Gitmo. No quiet times sitting in the recliner listening as a guard read another chapter in the latest Harry Potter series for McCain. No fraternity prank of a sexually charged dominatrix leash or panties on the head for McCain. America is well aware of the atrocities he experienced in the Hanoi Hilton. Only Jack Bauer is able to apply the same rules of torture our enemies apply to their captives; where electricity is more than just a source of power to run a light or radio and bones are meant to be broken to aid in breaking the spirit. McCain only thinks he has experienced the worse a human heart can devise, but he and America are sitting targets for the depths of depravity the Democratic Party will use to sink their opposition.

This depravity graffitis over every virtuous ideal, making the once clear image unintelligible. Like a middle-school student’s book cover, the process begins by filling in all the enclosed spaces of print. As an “o” becomes a black hole, McCain’s Air Force service makes him guilty of not watching out for children in school crosswalks by his indiscriminate bombings. He is Robert Duvall smoking the trees and faceless innocents with napalm because Charlie don’t surf. Genuine torture victim John McCain doesn’t even deserve the idealistic virtue of never cracking under pressure, as Hollywood characters James Bond or Jack Bauer are able to do. So now it is McCain who is guilty of crimes against the United States or is as suspect as the Manchurian Candidate.

For innocent lambs puzzled by evil or obliviously unaware they are sure prey to those intent upon dark work, who think I am an alarmist, I cite the activities of my own Representative and Nancy Pelosi’s choice for Obama’s Vice-President, Chet Edwards (D-TX 17). Also of note is how the DPWM inner circle is revealed as Edwards gives his seminar on “How To Win In The Red States” at a Wesley Clark sponsored event. It is “et tu, Wesley” delivering the past weekend's dagger-stab to Caesar McCain. In the seminar, Edwards lays down the DPWM ground rules:
Let me just say that I am one that believes in the basics. I think that it's the basics that make the difference between a successful company or corporation or a failing one, an effective military organization or an ineffective one, or a winning campaign or not, sometimes.

It's the basics. And there are three basic rules, or 3 basic goals we had in our campaign that were sacrosanct.

1. I would define myself. I wouldn't let others do it, or my opponent do it. We defined ourselves.
2. Secondly, I defined my opponents.
3. And thirdly, we responded immediately if attacked.

Edwards further defines Basic Rule 2:
Let me get to the final, key thing that allowed us to win. Rule #2, I was going to define my opponent. … Take your opponent's greatest strength and turn it into their worst negative. (Emphasis added)

In practicing this rule, Edwards found a “victim” of his Republican opponent’s state-level cut in the CHIP children’s health insurance program, portraying Arlene Wolgemuth’s lower-taxes virtue as the darkest vice:
I'm Jamie Jones. I'm 28 years old. I live in Teague, Texas. I have a little girl that's 3, Bailey.
Two years ago in March, my husband was killed in a house fire. And she got put on CHIPs. That meant no matter what happened, she was going to be okay. And then about 6 months ago, we were denied.
I haven't changed. I didn't get a raise at work. She was just denied.
You know there are so many people out there that work so hard. I don't want welfare; I just want good insurance for my child.
I'm working hard. I could go quit my job tomorrow and she'd be set. But I'm not going to do that. There are a lot of people out there that aren't going to do that and why that group of us has to get hurt, I don't know.
Look at my little girl, look into her eyes and tell her why she's not good enough to be taken care of.

CHET EDWARDS: “I'm Chet Edwards and I approve this message because there's so much at stake.”

By playing the “Republicans are always out to starve children” ad, Edwards not only defined his opponent, he left a dark crater where that virtue of cutting government spending once stood. When the DPWM sends out a lightning bolt of destruction, nothing remains but charred rock—as if the Almighty Himself had hovered over the mountain of redemption. But, such is the practice of darkness that it always seeks to mimic the power of God.

Therefore, it is incumbent that we defend the marble pedestal upon which ALL military heroes stand. As I write here in a coffee shop, I pause to visit with a cool prosthetic-sporting Army vet from the Afghan terrorist front. When we refuse to allow the white marble of all war veterans to be graffitied into oblivion, we are defending this hero’s honor as much as John McCain’s. The DPWM is out to destroy any virtue, honor, truth, value, or reputation that gets in the way of their acquisition of power. The history of all things undeniable is destined to the ash heap of fallen civilizations unless we make the conscious decision to fight hard to keep these truths undeniable … and I’m not being an alarmist!

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Jewish Odysseus said...

Ahh, ma chere Jaqueloppe, if only Sen. McLame had 1/10th the fighting spirit and insights left in him that you have...I'm afraid our GOP "champion" is left with naught but corky arms to lift in pathetic defense against this [very aptly entitled] DPWM.

The man converts opportunities into potholes, and potholes into ditches. See how he stupidly ditched Phil Gramm? He cd have easily seaized on that comment and turned it aorund--how many Americans believe that we are actually a blessed people, and that there are WAY too many whiners who don't appreciate it...MAYBE 90%? Yet McLame panics, and RATIFIES THE WOE-IS-ME, THE GOVT OWES ME HAPPINESS, worldview.


I am resigned to watching with perverse fascination a completely avoidable, historical shellacking.

[But we'll get thru it, Nance!]