Tuesday, April 06, 2010

When Will the Party Bigwigs Learn?

Last October in New York District 23, the Republican Party bigwigs selected Dede Scozzafava as their candidate over conservative Doug Hoffman. While the Tea Party movement supported Hoffman, party leaders such as RNC President Michael Steele and Newt Gingrich rallied behind Scozzafava.

The election ended in a fiasco, with Scozzafava running party-paid ads against the conservative Hoffman, rather than the Democrat Bill Owens. The ire of the people forced a withdrawal of Scozzafava's nomination and Scozzafava went on to endorse the Democrat candidate rather than the conservative Hoffman.

Are we to assume Phil Gramm has personally vetted Bill Flores, candidate in the runoff primary for Republican candidate to represent Texas District 17? Has Phil Gramm sifted through Mr. Flores' business records with the same eye as will the Chet Edwards War Machine?

Phil Gramm is trusting what he is told, rather than actually verifying the qualities he would revere in a candidate himself.

Our press has been woefully inadequate in researching our candidates and we find ourselves voting for someone that we really don't know anything about, other than what he says. As stated before, The Chet Edwards War Machine will leave no stone unturned in their quest to discredit our Republican candidate. The not knowing if there is something under those rocks troubles me.

The jackalope advises her readers to not be fooled by slick ads and vaulted endorsements from people that know nothing.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Vote for a known commodity

A forwarded message from the Rob Curnock campaign is proof of a huge misgiving I have been pondering in the days before the April 13th runoff election. (The content of the message was from the Lone Star Project, a Washington D.C.-based PAC trying to get Democrats elected in Texas.)

The Chet Edwards campaign has been busy poring over the lives of our two candidates—Rob Curnock and Bill Flores—with an electron microscope. One man has been tested in this situation. The other has not.

The direct lie, and dishonest misrepresentation

In the 2008 election, Chet couldn't find anything of substance on which to attack challenger Rob Curnock. In Chet's ads (complete with Hitchcock-style sinister soundtrack), he had to resort to using only a) the direct lie, and b) dishonest misrepresentation:

a) "Politician Rob Curnock..." DIRECT LIE. Rob has never held political office.

b) "...wants to raise your taxes." DIRECT LIE. Of course, the statement itself is prima facie false. It is also a DISHONEST MISREPRESENTATION in that it misrepresented Rob's consideration of the Fair Tax, and anyone following the facts knew it.

Consider that Edwards ran this on WTAW radio, the local source of The Neal Boortz show, a man who explains and promotes The Fair Tax practically every day. To those of us listening, Chet's ad said loud and clear, "I know I am lying. But you who see it are literally insignificant, because I know that when I lie, enough people will accept it as fact."

Edwards took Rob's greatest strength—being a common man of the people—and turned it into his greatest fault. This is slash and burn dark-art politics straight out of the depths of Saul Alinsky and his book's dedication to Lucifer, brought into the heart of conservative territory. We must be "shrewd as serpents" as we go to the runoff voting booth.

The message referenced earlier is an indicator of what sort of campaign Edwards will wage. Nothing is too low, too negative or too outright absurd, as we saw with him tagging Curnock with the "politician" title. This is why I am supporting Rob Curnock; if that's the best Chet could come up with, then Rob must be a safe, steady, man. Bill Flores is by all accounts a decent man, but he has not been vetted with the Edwards War Machine eye.

Chet thinks Bill Flores will win the runoff

If Mr. Flores is successful in the runoff, we are going to experience the full force of Chet Edwards' War Machine campaign to discredit him. And we may not like what we hear. It will not only be meant to destroy Mr. Flores, but to dishearten and keep us from voting. It will be insidious and ongoing, both calm and vicious. It will build up gradually. Then the most vicious attack will come during the last days of the campaign, intended as a death blow.

The whole time, Edwards will be promising earmarks, delivering earmarks, and promising our veterans a future of patronage rather than freedom. And waving the flag all the while. It will be an extremely hard road to victory, and many could falter in their support, as the darkest secrets will be publicized in the most media-supported fanfare. So, if we do choose the unknown and elect Bill Flores in the runoff there must be no backing down, no faltering, no giving up. The victory must be absolutely clear or the recounting of ballots will destroy us.

For the runoff

We must think strategically; using our vote to not only outmaneuver the Edwards version of political jujitsu (using an opponents strength's against him), but to actually defeat the man and his Machine in November. For Mr. Flores, his greatest asset is his wealth, which will be used against him class-warfare style. His unknowns are his business, his associates, and his past. If he wins the runoff, all of this will be made known. And since Chet will use both the direct lie and dishonest misrepresentation, even things that aren't true will become known. And by many, accepted as fact.

I encourage each of you to consider soberly the choice you are poised to make. On the Lone Star Project site you will see who Edwards and Democrat strategists think we are favoring and a glimpse of what they have planned for destroying that opponent. This is Chicago/George Lackoff/Saul Alinksy politics from the darkest recesses of the heart of man. Anything less than a complete victory in November WILL be challenged in court until the race is stolen. So, if our candidate ends up being Flores, we must stick with him no matter what.

But in this runoff I'm sticking with the known commodity: Rob Curnock. If we choose Rob again it will be our own political jujitsu right back on Chet. And if that happens, this time the David is going to defeat the Goliath.

(Please see the Bryan/College Station Tea Party site as well, where I've been posting for about the last year. Thank you!)