Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve Prayer

Father, we need you every hour, but especially in this hour. We know that you hold the kings of the earth in the palm of Your hand and direct his heart as you would channels of water. We know that You have instructed those called by You to pray for our leaders and those in authority over us so that we are able to live in peace in the nation. Blessed God, our Creator and our Salvation, our Mighty Protector and Counselor from which all goodness flows, we beg for your mercy upon our nation and upon our people. We petition You for grace and mercy that only You can provide to still our hearts as we place all our hopes upon You.

Father, we are a stiff necked and disobedient people. Our foreheads are like flint, resistant to follow Your simple commands. But, Father you hear the prayers of your remnant and are moved to compassion in times past, so this is again our prayer for compassion. Darkness walks among us but speaks as if of light. He speaks of life, but the death of innocents are in his tongue. Father, Your people know that You knitted us together in the womb and know everything about us from that moment forward. Many have strayed from this truth and are finding themselves supporting something that You have called an abomination - the sacrifice of babies for the good of the living. Father, in this way, our nation is covered in the blood of innocents.

But LORD, we know that through the blood of your Son, Jesus, the atonement for sin, once and for all was given for us, that we might be redeemed through His blood. Thank you, Father for Your atoning grace. Father, You have promised that if Your people who are called by Your name should humble themselves before You and ask for Your blessing upon the nation, that You will hear and answer them. LORD, all across this nation, Your people are humbling themselves and calling upon You to be their God and to ask You to have mercy on this nation this night.

LORD, we know that You have perfect timing and that there is a plan beyond our understanding for Your creation. We know that in all things You are Sovereign, but we also know You are a God of mercy that would have all men come to understanding of Your Salvation and Truth, that none should perish, but that all would be saved. It is to this end that Your people are prayerful on this night. We know that swift and sure justice is what is required, but we beg you to hold back Your mighty arm at this moment so that grace abounds even more. Too many are lost and confused. Too many need good shepherds to guide them back to the path of righteousness. Too many need to hear of Your wonderfulness. Father, I thank Thee for those You have place in my care, but LORD, there are so many more that are in need of Thee.

Father, we pray for the wisdom to accept the leader You have chosen for Your Sovereign Plan even as we petition for mercy. Hold the heart of this nation's leader tightly and guide his ways into all things of benefit for the people. Father, hold back those intent upon destruction even as they call it good. Father, let us once again distinguish good from evil and determine in our hearts to stay upon the path of our Salvation and Your Law. You tell us that a fool does not wake up to find himself upon Your Highway, but so many are lost without a guide. Extend my time as a leader so that I might gather those that You have given me. There is so much work to be done.

Father, we pray for a swift conclusion to this election, without fraud or deception. Let men be strong in discernment of unlawful activity and be just in penalty. Father, we pray for hearts to accept Your decision in this election, even if it is not what we desired. We ask for sober understanding if adversity be upon us. Keep us humble and contrite of heart if Your judgment is stayed for a time. We pray for the rest of the world, because all the peoples will be affected by this outcome. We pray for Your Providence in this thing, but we ask for mercy not only for ourselves, but for those far away in distant lands.

Father, Sovereign though You are, You still delight to hear the prayers and petitions of Your people and are gracious to answer them. In all things You are God and above You there is no other. You created us for Your delight, to worship You in all situations. You alone are holy, good, and just. Regardless of my situation, I will still say, You are my God! My Rock, My living water. In all things, You are my LORD and Jesus Christ my Salvation. Amen.