Friday, August 22, 2008

20/20 For Rob Curnock for Congress

The Jackalope is starting a web campaign to raise funds for Rob Curnock For Congress.

The plan is 20 for $20.00 and the Jackalope has made it easy with the SlateCard widget right here on The Jackalope's Voice. Just click on the contribute button and fill out the form to contribute $20.00 (or more) and then email 20 friends asking them to do the same.

The Jackalope's Voice is volunteering her blog to work for the campaign and I would appreciate her readers use this blog for raising web contributions. All money goes directly to Rob's account. However, this volunteer would like to show not only the power of the web, but also the benefits of her creativity. The hardworking farmer ought to receive credit for his hard work.

Chet Edwards (D-17TX) is Nancy Pelosi's choice for Obama's veep. That should speak volumes for those that believe in economic and political freedom.

Remember: Without Economic Freedom, Political Freedom is meaningless.

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