Monday, August 04, 2008

Chet Edwards Votes To Leave For Vacation

In considering the events going on this week in the House of Representatives, Texas District 17 should know that Rep. Chet Edwards voted to adjourn for a 5 week break rather than vote, or even debate, on solutions for the nation's Energy Crisis. 15 Blue Dog Democrats had the spine to stand against Speaker Pelosi and voted "Nay" to the adjournment. Chet Edwards (D-TX) was not among these noble men. Those 15 put the prosperity of the nation before partisan politics.

Let this be a clear delineation, that while Chet hails from the heart of conservatism, he is neither a Blue Dog nor a conservative.

Chet's value system has become skewed by the promise of political power. As my Daddy would say, "His plumb bob doesn't hang true right." By reading Chet's description of his faith, it is clear he designates the IRS as the great Collection Plate from which he can dispense the lucre according to his own charitable ideals.

In Chet's world the victims are not the taxpayers trying to make ends meet with what the government allows them to keep; but those who just can't get enough "charity" dispensed through "Bishop Edwards'" munificence in order that their every problem be solved. When political aspirations cause a man to legislate in direct conflict with the will of the people, that man must be removed to allow another to take his place.

There is a man to take his place. Rob Curnock would be an added voice to the Republicans in the House that are calling for a bold energy plan: All Of The Above. The Republicans are the party of ideas. The Democratic Party is the party of "No!"

Either lead or get out of the way. Chet Edwards (D-TX), with his vote to adjourn, exhibited the latter quality - he got out of the way. Time to make it permanent.

Stick a fork in him....he's done.

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