Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Fall For Chet's Energy Talking Points

The Democratic Party-Controlled Congress is pandering to their constituents on the price of gas and oil.
What do they offer?
  • Release the Strategic Petroleum Reserves
What happens in the case of a national emergency if reserves are not available?

  • Investigate oil speculators
A waste of taxpayer's money. No investigation has turned up an evidence of criminal activity.

  • Make Oil Companies Drill on Leases they Already Hold
Leases are a gamble for the oil company. The truth is that the oil companies need the freedom to drill in the best location for their needs, not the needs of a bureaucrat in Washington.

Chet Edwards (D-17 TX) is using these Democratic Party Talking Points.

Tell Chet we don't want pandering; we want Congress to do what promotes economic stability.

Send Rob Curnock to Congress. He supports District 17's republican values.

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